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HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000 (ver. 3.­20) INSTALLSHIELD släppt 2004.03.31.

Fil nedladdad 7 gånger och har visats 6105 gånger.

Kategori Övriga
Varumärke HP
Enhet DVD Movie Writer dc3000
Operativsystem Firmware
Verision 3.­20
Filens storlek 4.31 Mb
Släppt 2004.03.31
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Firmware for HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000 The upgrade includes the following features: Laser write strategies added for new 8x DVD+R media manufacturers.­ The firmware update will NOT allow the DVD300 drive to write at 8x speeds.­ The DVD300's maximum recording speed is 4x no matter what recordable DVD media is used.­ Improved drive calibration.­ Before Running the Update: The RecordNow software included on the DC3000 installation disc must be installed for the firmware update to operate successfully.­ Install RecordNow before running this update.­ Instructions: Download the dvd320n_­300.­exe file to the computer containing the DC3000 drive.­ Once the file is fully downloaded,­ double-click the dvd320n_­320.­exe file to install and initiate the firmware update.­ Follow the on-screen directions to complete the DC3000 firmware update.­ Reminder: The DC3000 must have the power cycled off after the firmware update.­ Reset the DC3000 by shutting down the computer,­ manually unplugging power to the drive,­ and then re-plugging in the power cable.­ Restart the computer after power has been cycled.­ Failure to cycle power may result in the DC3000 temporarily malfunctioning.­ Compatible devices: Q2114A

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