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System Diagnostics Utility (ver. 1.­5) PE släppt 2004.02.27.

Fil nedladdad 23 gånger och har visats 6773 gånger.

Kategori Scanners
Varumärke HP
Enhet Scanjet 5400c Scanner
Operativsystem Windows 2000, Windows XP
Verision 1.­5
Filens storlek 859 Kb
Filens typ PE
Släppt 2004.02.27
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System Diagnostics Utility driver for HP Scanjet 5400c Scanner Type: Software Introduction:The HP system diagnostics utility gathers and displays information about your Windows based system.­ This information can be especially helpful if you need telephone support for your HP scanjet scanner or photosmart camera product.­ Installing this utility before making a phone call to the HP Customer Care Center will help the agent assisting you,­ and may save valuable time.­ This is an updated utility and replaces the previous diagnostic utility,­ version 1.­3 (part number sj640).­ HP System Diagnostics Utility gathers and displays information on: Current Operating system.­ Available system resources.­ List of devices on system and their status.­ Running applications.­ Details on installed imaging software.­ The log file you create can be automatically attached to an e-mail.­ You can update drivers in the O/­S's that support that feature,­ and delete devices without opening Control Panel.­ Features added with version 1.­5: Now supports HP image zone on newer HP digital imaging products.­

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